How to Clean a Freshwater Aquarium

A dirty aquarium is not good for your fish. It removes the nutrients and minerals that the fishes and corals need. Once the aquarium gets too dirty for a long time, it will cause death and devastation to the aquamarine lives you’re taking care of. You should keep your fish happy by cleaning their tank and adding fresh water. You can do the cleaning by yourself or hire aquarium service royal palm beach.  If you want to go the DIY way, we will teach you how to clean an aquarium. 

Freshwater Aquarium

Prepare the Materials 

Before you do the task, get your cleaning supplies ready. Prepare the water you need, an algae pad for cleaning the tank and 10 liters of water for the cleaning. You also need to prepare siphon-type gravel vacuum, filter media, 10% bleach solution, aquarium-safe glass and metal razor blade.  

Clean the Sides of the Tank 

Get the algae pad and run it along the glass. Scrub a little so you can remove the algae which sticks to the aquarium. If there is a stubborn residue parts of cleaned  waters will be stored in water of algae, use a plastic blade or razor blade to scrape it off the tank. Make sure you’re wearing plastic gloves when doing this task. Also, make sure that your algae pad is a tank only pad. Don’t use the sponge you have in your kitchen sink.  

Change the Water 

Decide how much water you’re going to change in your tank. If you clean the tank on a regular schedule, changing 20% of the water once per week is already enough, especially if you have healthy fish. But if you have a sick fish, then increase it for 50%.  

Siphon the Old Water 

Next thing to do is siphoning the old water. Direct the water into a five-gallon bucket. The bucket you should be using is only for cleaning the fish tank because your used buckets could have residue your detergents and soaps. Aquarium siphons can be easily used, just read the instructions on how to use them.  

Clean the Gravel 

Now it’s time to clean the gravel. Just push the gravel vacuum into it so the debris, excess food and other fish wastes is sucked into it. If you have small fishes, just put a never-worn stocking at the end of siphon. If the tank has sand substrate, use the hose only and hold it under an inch so the sand won’t be disturbed. Run your hands along the sand so the other dirt that’s trapped under it will float.  

Clean the Decorations 

The decorations need to be cleaned too. You can use a new soft-bristled toothbrush to clean them. If it’s difficult for you to clean the decorations, get them off the tank and soak them with a 10% bleach solution. Just make sure you pour boiling water over them, so the bleach is removed. If you are tired you can always get help from maids by availing loans from  

Add Fresh Water 

Finally, add freshwater to the tank. Verify the temperature by using a thermometer. This is important because too hot can kill the fish.  

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